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Pioneering Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Solution Built Around rFpro

End-to-end Solution for Safe AV

AVSandbox is an autonomous vehicle simulation solution built around rFpro. It provides a sensor realistic simulation environment to immerse your AV into the virtual world. To enable this, the simulation platform includes vehicle and sensor models, traffic and pedestrian controllers and interfaces to plug in your AV controller. In addition, we include tools to configure and manage simulations, define scenarios and analyse the simulation results.

The simulation platform can then be used in many different ways including the generation of training data, algorithm development, controller optimisation and safety assessment.  We provide the tools to simulate your scenarios and assess the performance, behaviour and safety of your autonomous vehicle in a risk-free environment.

What We Do

Autonomous Vehicles are coming but before they can be deployed into the real world, we need to prove that they can be safely operated on public roads.
AVSandbox provides a suite of pioneering simulation solutions that can help you navigate through the complexity of testing AVs.

Model the interaction between the vehicle and virtual world to generate accurate, realistic training data and immerse your AV into a sensor realistic environment:

  • Digital twins of public roads and proving grounds
  • Support for a wide range of vehicle dynamics models
  • Physics based sensor models for camera, lidar, radar, etc.
Scenario Based Testing​

Make the world come alive and understand the inherent risks of each location and behaviour:

  • Build and import test scenarios
  • Interface to the dRisk.ai edge case database
  • Run in real-time to support HiL integration
  • Import your own scenes from 3D modelling tools
Open Technology

Integrates into your development and testing process:

  • CI/CD integration through command line operation and API
  • Support open standards: OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, FMI
  • Define your own KPI’s for performance and safety estimation

Sensor Realistic Simulation

AVSandbox can help you navigate through the complexity of testing autonomous vehicles in all kinds of environments.

Repeatable & Realistic Test Scenarios

We can create an infinite number of different scenarios with variations in weather conditions, lighting conditions, traffic and pedestrian motions and all the data is already fully annotated.

The Journey to Safety

Safe Autonomous Vehicles
End-to-end Solution For Safe Autonomous Vehicles

With our deep insight into the pending regulation and the demands it places on your leadership, tools and processes we can help you determine:

  • What is safety?
  • How do I measure safety?
  • How to design for inherent safety
  • The perception of safety for your users
  • Drive safety as the way to tackle problems in a constructive, blame-free culture to assure inherent safety from the ground up

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