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We help you bring autonomous vehicles to market: safely, efficiently and with full regulatory compliance. Our AVSandbox software and consultancy services give you a unique combination of simulation tools and embedded knowledge, backed by the skills, experience and resources of a dedicated team of experts.

From vision to reality

Our simulation tools and services help you create a dynamic development and deployment infrastructure that unleashes the potential of AV and ADAS programmes. The power of AVSandbox, with its mm-accurate environmental detailing, high-fidelity vehicle dynamics and real-world sensor modelling, brings you the precision, flexibility and scope to test every conceivable parameter – transforming your vision from concept to commercialisation.

Powerful AV Tools | AVSandbox

Powerful AV and ADAS simulation tools

Fast Modelling | AVSandbox

Fast and efficient modelling

Scenrario Generation | AVSandbox

Multiple scenario generation including traffic, pedestrians, weather etc

Real World Mapping | AVSandbox

Real-world accuracy, mapping and environmental simulation

Why AVSandbox is different

The AVSandbox simulation platform is designed solely for automotive OEMs and end-user organisations that need to develop and deploy autonomous vehicles or advanced driver assistance systems. AVSandbox is ideal for all transport applications, ranging from passenger transport, robo-taxis and last-mile commercial vehicles, to air-side and port-side baggage and cargo handling systems.

Reliability | AVSandbox


AVSandbox creates a true digital-twin of your operating environment

Accuracy | AVSandbox


Deterministic modelling and mm-accurate fidelity

Realism | AVSandbox


Realistic sensor simulation

Expertise | AVSandbox


Backed by a dedicated team of simulation and vehicle modelling specialists

Driven by your success

Partner with the team at AVSandbox and you’ll quickly discover that we’re driven by success – your success. We work with you, acting as an integrated extension to your development and engineering teams, to develop the most effective AV or ADAS solutions that meet the exact technical and commercial needs of your organisation.

Driven By Success | AVSandbox

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Discover a suite of pioneering simulation solutions that can help you navigate through the complexity of developing and testing autonomous vehicles.

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