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Integration & API

The AVSandbox development platform for simulating and testing the behaviour and characteristics of Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS systems is powerful, scalable and flexible, with everything you need for integration with other simulation tools.

AVSandbox | Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

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AVSandbox is easy to integrate with all of the most commonly used software based AV/ADAS modelling and simulation tools. Backed by our industry-leading application support and API services, AVSandbox allows you to create a truly dynamic and game-changing simulation environment.

Exploit the power of AVSandbox

Integrating the power of AVSandbox with the key features of other development tools unleashes new and exciting opportunities for you to develop Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS systems faster, more efficiently and with greater confidence.

Integration & API | AVSandbox

The benefits:

  • AVSandbox supports multiple industry-leading vehicle dynamics modelling tools including; Dymola, Simpack, Simulink and through to custom C++ API’s.
  • Sensor modelling based on the same data feeds as your real-world devices, making it easier to connect your control system to the simulation environment.
  • Build your own complex and scalable traffic scenarios, with multiple road vehicles, pedestrians, obstructions and weather. External integrations with SUMO for traffic simulation and interfacing to other external scenario databases are provided as standard.
  • Support for open standards: OpenSCENARIO, OpenDRIVE, FMI. This allows you to build scenarios using for example an OpenDRIVE map to define traffic and pedestrian routes.
  • Define your own KPI’s for performance and safety estimation
  • Full ROS, Simulink and FMI interfacing capability.
  • Interface to d.risk egdecase database. This automates edge case testing by defining the scenarios you want to include in the dRisk Edge Case database and
    then uses adaptive testing to look for failure modes in your controller.

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