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Autonomous Vehicle & ADAS dynamics

Successfully developing autonomous vehicles (AV) or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) depends on accurate simulation of both sensor models and vehicle behaviour under all possible operating conditions.

AVSandbox | Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

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In turn, this requires advanced modelling of vehicle dynamics, based on the way in which components such as drivetrain, suspension, tyres and body react to changing controller demand and external inputs.

We fundamentally believe that having industry best sensor models is only 50% of the way there. In real world driving, sensors are physically connected to vehicles and the output of the sensors is thus affected by vehicle pitch, roll and vibrations cause by braking, accelerating, road surface vibration and potholes and other road use factors. Precise modelling of sensors is useless if the surface on which vehicles drive and the vehicle being driven is not also simulated with the same level of complexity and detail.

Vehicle Dynamics | AVSandbox
Vehicle Dynamics | AVSandbox

Precise modelling of vehicle dynamics must reflect real-world driving or operating conditions e.g. variations in road surface or inclination, different weather, or the effect of worn or under-inflated tyres. All possible variations must be modelled and tested to ensure that each AV or ADAS functions safely and, for passenger transport, in a manner that not only guarantees the comfort of occupants but is as realistic to real-world conditions as possible.

Vehicle dynamics & digital twins

Our AVSandbox simulation uses a proven digital twin methodology. This is extremely accurate and mirrors real-world roads, proving grounds or off-highway sites.

Each digital twin is based on existing data models or is custom built using highly accurate mm-depth environmental scanning to match the unique operating requirements of your organisation or AV/ADAS project.

Vehicle Dynamics | AVSandbox
Vehicle Dynamics | AVSandbox

In every case, our digital twins feature advanced vehicle dynamics modules, for suspension, tyres, powertrain and vehicle body movements in six dimensions plus on-board electrical and fluid systems and the effects of extreme temperatures. This allows truly realistic models to be created, within which deterministic testing and simulation can be carried out for optimum results.

Powerful vehicle dynamics modelling

The AVSandbox simulation platform offers a unique combination of features that enable you to test all aspects of vehicle dynamics. These features include:

  • Vehicle models with multi-body suspension and tyre options, for accurate simulation of vehicle geometry and balance under different suspension and powertrain loads, based on road conditions and vehicle functionality and control inputs at low and high speeds.
  • Powertrain models for electric, hydrogen, hybrid and internal combustion engine vehicles, with front, rear or all-wheel drive. Speed and drivetrain characteristics, plus controller input, can be changed to test the effects of variable power delivery to each wheel, dynamic wheel loading based on external factors, or loss of traction.
  • The ability to develop and test each vehicle sub-system both independently and as part of the integrated vehicle model, as an interdependent system, and to model the impact on vehicle behaviour in real-time.

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Building your AV safety strategy

We have over 25 years of experience in developing and using simulation systems, and work with a wide range of automotive OEMs, F1 and NASCAR teams and end users in the commercial sectors.

We have the knowledge, skills and resources to help you build a robust safety strategy – a strategy that reflects the exact technical and commercial needs of your organisation, covering:

  • Definition of safety criteria
  • Safety measurement parameters
  • Designing for safe AV deployment
  • The perception of safety for AV operators and users
  • Regulatory compliance, both current and planned

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