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Powered by rFpro

AVSandbox is powered by rFpro. This is a dynamic engineering-grade simulation solution developed specifically for the automotive and transport sectors. With AVSandbox and rFpro you can accelerate AV and ADAS development, reduce cost and time, while fully proving functionality and safety in a virtual environment.

AVSandbox | Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

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Together, AVSandbox and rFpro allow you to build millimetre-perfect virtual spaces and to take complete control of the simulation environment, including the ego vehicle, human and AI controlled traffic, pedestrians, other dynamic objects and lighting and weather conditions.

AVSandbox builds on rFpro’s core functionality, api and complex UI and adds easy to use tools with simpler UI elements. This enables you more easily to create, edit and define multiple deterministic test scenarios and run them automatically to reduce AV and ADAS development time.

A mm-precise digital twin environment

AVSandbox and rFpro are built on precise digital twins of real-word environments. rFpro offers an extensive library of public roads, proving grounds and city centres, with the option of customised digital mapping for specialised commercial areas such as ports and airports and others on request.

Each environment is geometrically precise and functionally accurate, with road signs, markings, roadside objects and street furniture all being individually classified.

The rFpro Platform | AVSandbox

Everything is replicated with physically defined materials and extremely detailed graphics at high frame rates, producing a totally immersive environment for both humans and vehicle sensors.

AVSandbox then converts the driver simulation features of rFpro to a true autonomous vehicle simulator. This features survey-grade, millimetre-accurate LiDAR and photogrammetry to ensure that the algorithms trained in the virtual environments perform exactly as expected in real-world vehicles.

Expanded capability

rFpro is one of the most open simulation platforms available, giving the AVSandbox simulation platform the power and flexibility to meet your exact AV development and engineering requirements.

Customers can integrate a wide range of popular third party modelling plug-ins such as 3DS Max, and import data in standard file formats including .fbx and .obj. Use-cases are also fully supported, from simple workstations to multi-screen dynamic simulators and Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and Software-in-the-loop (SIL) systems.

AVSandbox also supports OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO and FMI.

The rFpro Platform | AVSandbox

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