AV Simulation for transport & mobile applications

AVSandbox is the ideal simulation solution for all forms of autonomous vehicles, from passenger, coach and commercial vehicles, to agricultural equipment and airside tugs and apron busses.

AVSandbox creates a hyper-realistic simulation environment within which you can test, develop and refine the performance characteristics, functionality and safety attributes of your autonomous vehicles. Regardless of the application, AVSandbox enables you to create unique scenarios, with high resolution true-to-life graphics, precise rendering of your actual operating environment, mapped to sub-mm accuracy.

AVSandbox | Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

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AVSandbox is your ideal AV development solution

The ability to create a precise digital twin of your operating environment, with deterministic, high-fidelity modelling based on dynamic vehicle parameters, physics-based sensors and multiple lighting and weather conditions, enables you to accelerate the AV development process – rapidly and safely. Just as importantly, AVSandbox gives you complete peace of mind, with extensive reporting and data tracking to ensure full regulatory compliance in all applications.

Passenger Cars | AVSandbox

Passenger cars

Development of passenger cars, robo-taxis and shuttles

Trucks & Commercial Vehicles | AVSandbox

Trucks & Commercial vehicles

From heavy long-haul trucks, to vans and last-mile delivery vehicles

Docks & Portside | AVSandbox

Docks and Portside

Ideal for container handling, commercial vehicles and mobile portside equipment

Airports | AVSandbox


For air-side and passenger-side busses, tugs and baggage handling units

Construction & Mining | AVSandbox

Construction & mining

For the development and safe testing of dumpsters, excavators and loaders

Agriculture | AVSandbox


Speed the development of all mobile agricultural equipment

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Vehicle Dynamics

Sensor realistic

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The rFpro platform

The AVSandbox Knowledge Hub

Discover more about what makes AVSandbox unique. Explore our AVSandbox knowledge hub and find out about the issues, challenges and exciting developments that are behind the growth of the market for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems.

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